How Android app will help your business grow?

Mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) would have been less interesting if applications were not there. Yes, it is very much true that mobile apps especially Android Apps have captured the major part of the mobile market share. Today having an app for a business has proven to be way more profitable than a mobile-friendly site. Improved personalisation has surely enhanced the end-user experience which in return benefits the business.

Give below are some major reasons why you should build an Android app.

Big ROI on small investment

The best thing about Android is that a firm can earn big profits by investing a small amount. Being an open source platform, the developers have free access to all the tools and software during the Android app development process. This significantly brings down the development and licensing costs which ultimately benefits the business. The overall costs of development are usually determined in three stages development stage, testing stage and lastly, publishing on the app store.


Highly Customizable

Nowadays, users look for customization so that they can get the most out of the product. And Android again is the platform which comes with great versatility and offers superb tools that allow developers to create any custom feature. Every business has its requirements and with these easy customization, it becomes easy to fulfill these needs. Just make sure you hire experts to accomplish these tasks.

Hi-tech Security

The Android OS is a highly secure platform and Android developers do their best to keep all sorts of malware at bay. It’s several layers of protective firewalls provide the best cover to the personal data of the users. At every step, it requires user permission before displaying any confidential information. Moreover, Google itself keeps rolling out security patches and updates that make this Android OS safe.

Easy To Adopt

Any developer with good knowledge of JAVA can try his hand at Android development. For them, this skill is easy to adopt because most of the Android apps are created using JAVA codes. Building an Android-based app requires both JAVA and XML- the JAVA is used for coding and XML is used for the designing part. In simple words, you can easily get access to an efficient developer for your business.

Market Share

As per the recently conducted market survey, Android is the most popular mobile OS with more than 80% of the global market share in its kitty. This clearly indicated that building an app for this platform will surely you an access to the vast audience base that too in a hassle-free manner. And if you are able to offer excellent user-experience to such a big audience then you can immediately take your business to greater heights.


By opting for Android development you will not only enhance your brand image but will also be able to offer far better user-experience. To make your development process fruitful and affordable you can appoint offshore app developers from whom you can avail quality, cost-effectiveness, infrastructure and superb talent.