Benefits Of iOS Application Development With Swift

Swift programming language is designed to build revolutionary apps, especially for wearable Apple devices. As announced by Apple, all the upcoming Apple devices like new iWatch will use the Swift programming language. For companies where BYOD (bring your own device) policy is into play, Swift language is used to build competitive enterprise applications.

App developers,especially the budding iOS developers who are familiar with Ruby or Python, are able to easily adapt to Swift. This is because Swift platform is identical to Python and Ruby. Unlike Objective C, programming language Swift does not require a semicolon to end any statement. So, there is almost no chance for any dramatic errors. Likewise, there are lesser SSL errors in Swift.


With the advancement in Swift, the platform has gone open source and is not restricted to iOS as earlier. Now, there are more possibilities to create robust frameworks and apps. The developers are now able to code the websites and servers with the help of Swift. Swift is now operational on Linux operating system as well.

With the
flourishing community support as well as IBM, Swift has become a server-side ready iOS development language . IBM has featured two projects, OpenWhisk and Kitura to port Swift for enterprise users. Where Kitura is a framework based on swift first, OpenWhisk is a cloud first programming service. Swift iOS developers can code the mobile apps using these services to create a full-stack app.

One of the reasons why Swift programming language is popular is that it is easy to use. The advanced node package manager is used by the app developers to push their packages to merge with others. It is also used to focus on the code logic and make use of different packages to assemble the application in no time. All the Swift package managers are similar, which enhances the app development and reduces the time to market. There are many robust Swift package managers like IBM Swift Package Catalog, which can be used to achieve premium dependency management.

There are many sources which are responsible for the success of any development company. One of the primary factors are indeed the developers of the firm. App developers focus on implementing the modern technologies to keep the development up to date and help retain a good reputation in the market. According to a recent survey, Swift language is preferred by more than 80% of the iOS developers around the world. The numbers are huge and it will help iOS app development companies in carrying forward the development of wonderful apps.


Top Six Image Editing Mobile Apps Of The Year 2016

One of the most widely used feature in mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) of taking pictures and then sharing them with friends and family members. Apart from just snapping the photos, you can also enhance their beauty by adding interesting and eye-catching effects, filters and frames. This all can be possible if you download image editing apps on your device.


Several Mobile app development companies have launched image editing apps that allow users to modify the images as per their requirement. These apps have made editing photos quite easy and offer the users with enjoyable and fun-filled experience. Given below is the list of six most commonly used image editing apps:

1. Snapseed

This app has an average rating of 4.6 on the Google Play Store. It’s free to use app and comes loaded with tonnes of features that will allow you to edit your pictures. Several professional photographers are also using this app to tweak the appearance of their app. The app supports many enhancement features you can apply to your photos.

Availability: Free

2. Instagram

The app doesn’t need any introduction. It is not just a photo editing app, it also allows users to connect with the whole new world of social network where they can upload & share photos with the anyone. The app supports many effects, and now you can also edit small videos in this app.

Availability: Free

3. Pixlr-o-Matic

It is one of the most downloaded photo editing apps on the Android OS. The apps allow users to edit their photo the way they want. With this app, you can add any photo from gallery and can add plenty of effects, overlays etc. You can also set the contrast, exposure, lighting effects and lot more.

Availability: Free

4. Pixlr Express- photo editing

This app is designed by the mobile app developers of the Pixlr-o-Matic. It offers over 2 million combinations of effects, overlays and borders. The app comes with plenty of options to fix your photos, lighting effects, and share them with your friends instantly.

Availability: Free

5. PicsArt- Photo Studio

One unique thing about this app is that it comes with an inbuilt camera feature. Moreover, it also allows users to add plenty of photo effects like text, collage, frame, border, overlays etc. The app also has a great collection of superb artistic photo effects and this app is also optimised for big screen tablets.

Availability: Free

6. PicSay- Photo Editor

PicSay offers some pretty basic photo editing features like colour correction, text effects, distortion effects or graphics. The app allows you to add effects in few simple steps without getting confused by different options.

Availability: Free

Top 4 Tools For Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Over the last 5 years, the market for cross platform mobile development has begun to take-off. Almost every large to smaller companies is adapting to the trends of the mobile world and realizing the importance of offering device-compatible apps. The rising need for the development and deployment of apps means that cross platform development tools will only become more vital in coming years. Here is the list of top 4 tools to consider.

  1. Bizness Apps

The tool is popular among mobile app development services as it provides simple solutions for creating basic apps. Bizness Apps enables a developer to build a cross platform app as well as mobile websites, via drag-and-drop method. The tool also comes with automated submission feature to submit the app to the stores. There are many advanced features available in the tool such as third-party integration options, rich analytics, and much.

  1. Xojo

The tool enables the app developers to create cross-platform apps, not just for mobile devices, (Android and iOS) but also for desktops (Windows, Linux, and OS X) as well. The Xojo app development tool lets the developers create a single code base and then compile the app to be executable for the target platform.

The robust code editor and drag-and-drop option makes it easier for the mobile app developers to create an alluring app. Developing applications with Xojo is very easy. Most of the work is done at the backend. This helps to infuse the developed apps with controls which are familiar to the platform.


  1. Xamarin

Xamarin is one of the most advanced tools among the cross-platform application development tools. It enables the developers to create apps for diverse platforms, using a common programming language and class library. The tool supports Model-View-Controller (MVC) as well as ModelViewView Model (MVVM) patterns. MVC pattern enables a developer to keep the application part and separate from the presentation and easily maintain the code. On the other hand, the MVVM pattern offers code re-usability to use the code for other projects.

During mobile application development, the developers need to separate certain platform code only for user-interface. This helps the app owners to maintain the app without worrying about multiple code base. The tool comes with a cloud service, which helps to test the app on unlimited devices.

  1. PhoneGap 

PhoneGap app development tool is owned by Adobe. It is one of the most popular tools amongst the app developers. Currently, the tool is available for free, which helps the budding app developers to create advanced apps. Apart from being free, one more primary advantage of PhoneGap is that Adobe maintains the SDK for every platform the developers build.

This reduces the workload of the app developers since all the kits are managed by PhoneGap itself. App developers can also share these kits with their clients and testing team.

How To Test A Cross-Platform Mobile Application

To identify all the flaws in the cross-platform mobile application, the testing professionals must know what the app has to deliver. A well-defined set of functional requirements will help the business to test the mobile app compatibility across multiple platforms as well as devices.

The business must prepare a list of requirements during the mobile app development and share it with the testing team. This should be done at the beginning of the development as this will make it easier to identify the bugs. Once the expected results of the app are quoted, the errors are easier to get hold of.


Every app development platform comes with certain guidelines which the developer adheres to. These are the standards set-up by the mobile platforms for content, functionality and user interface. When the app development is followed by these guidelines, the results are seamlessly on the target devices. The app owners need to ensure that the developers and testing personnel are aware of the guidelines set by the mobile platforms. This understanding will help the professionals to test the app on the respective platform as per the standards.

While testing a mobile app, mobile app developers cannot afford to literally buy all the devices on which the app would run. As an alternate, businesses make use of simulators and emulators for testing. But it is important to know that such simulators are not 100% accurate and reliable. Hence, the simulators and emulators must create a test lab which has both real devices and emulators.

It is also important for the developing team to split the testing process across the real devices and emulators. For example, emulators may be used to do unit and integration testing on the app. Later, real devices can be used to measure performance, operating system compatibility and security.

The next important step is to select the right tools for mobile app testing. App development cannot merely rely on the manual testing to check for the app efficiency . It is important for the app development business to set up a lab for testing which has the latest test automation tools. Some of the popular app testing tools are:

  • Appium

  • Calabash

  • MonkeyTalk

  • Squish

  • MobileCloud

To precisely check for the functionality and performance of the mobile app, the application testers must evaluate the app in different conditions. It is also important for the development team to find out ways to test the developed mobile app in real user scenarios. For instance, a business can facilitate field testing for the app. This will make it easier for testers to study the app behavior in different conditions and under various network speeds.

Always hire experts for developing a feature-rich & efficient app

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, undoubtedly assist millions of people in accomplishing their daily tasks such as ticket booking, internet surfing, shopping, finding restaurants, bill payments, etc. The increasing importance of mobile devices and their day-to-day applications have also influenced the way companies use to do their business. The immense popularity of mobile devices & apps has even lured the enterprises into this mobile sphere.

In this article, you will read about the myriad advantages that are associated with these mobile applications. The mobile application is the primary tool that helps the business firm in entering this dynamic mobile sphere. It ultimately depends on the functionality of your app and the experience of your iOS Developer that will assist you in gaining a stronghold in this market. You can develop an app for different categories like social media, instant messaging, shopping, games, etc. It ultimately depends on you that which type of app you want to develop.

Nowadays, all the small and large firms are coming up with their business apps. You can quickly locate a reliable and well-experienced app developer who will provide you with an app as per your requirements. The immense popularity of mobile apps has also increased the demand for Android Developers. Make sure you hire someone who has not only the sound knowledge of app development but also possesses professional tools in his arsenal that will enable him to develop a feature-rich and efficient app in a less time-consuming manner.

There are plenty of app development tools available in the market which will help you in building a mobile application of your own but still it will be good that you opt for a skilled developer who is capable of creating a multi-platform app for your business. No matter which platform you choose (Android or iOS) make sure that your app is fully functional and error-free. Before you officially publish your application on the app store, it will be good that you launch a beta version of your app. This will help your audience in getting familiar with the features and functions of your app. Moreover, it will also assist you in detecting any bugs & lags present in your app.

In order to stay ahead of your market competitors, it will be good that you constantly develop and update your app in real-time so that you can not only stay connected with your existing client base but also reach out to potential customers in a better manner. It will be good that you modify your app as per the changing market trends. Moreover, you can also provide your new & existing app users with the free gifts & coupons that will keep them loyal towards your app. By deploying different promotional tactics, you can quickly double up your audience base. You must always bear in mind that mobile app developed by you should be closely related to the products & services so that the app can help you build a brand which you desire. With the support of a mobile app, you can quickly build a brand that will help you stand out in the market.


So if you wish to create an app that not only increases your customer base but also assists you in establishing market rapport then it will be good that you hire a team of experienced app developers. You can also outsource your app development projects to offshore companies who will provide you with the same quality services but at an affordable price.