Benefits Of iOS Application Development With Swift

Swift programming language is designed to build revolutionary apps, especially for wearable Apple devices. As announced by Apple, all the upcoming Apple devices like new iWatch will use the Swift programming language. For companies where BYOD (bring your own device) policy is into play, Swift language is used to build competitive enterprise applications.

App developers,especially the budding iOS developers who are familiar with Ruby or Python, are able to easily adapt to Swift. This is because Swift platform is identical to Python and Ruby. Unlike Objective C, programming language Swift does not require a semicolon to end any statement. So, there is almost no chance for any dramatic errors. Likewise, there are lesser SSL errors in Swift.


With the advancement in Swift, the platform has gone open source and is not restricted to iOS as earlier. Now, there are more possibilities to create robust frameworks and apps. The developers are now able to code the websites and servers with the help of Swift. Swift is now operational on Linux operating system as well.

With the
flourishing community support as well as IBM, Swift has become a server-side ready iOS development language . IBM has featured two projects, OpenWhisk and Kitura to port Swift for enterprise users. Where Kitura is a framework based on swift first, OpenWhisk is a cloud first programming service. Swift iOS developers can code the mobile apps using these services to create a full-stack app.

One of the reasons why Swift programming language is popular is that it is easy to use. The advanced node package manager is used by the app developers to push their packages to merge with others. It is also used to focus on the code logic and make use of different packages to assemble the application in no time. All the Swift package managers are similar, which enhances the app development and reduces the time to market. There are many robust Swift package managers like IBM Swift Package Catalog, which can be used to achieve premium dependency management.

There are many sources which are responsible for the success of any development company. One of the primary factors are indeed the developers of the firm. App developers focus on implementing the modern technologies to keep the development up to date and help retain a good reputation in the market. According to a recent survey, Swift language is preferred by more than 80% of the iOS developers around the world. The numbers are huge and it will help iOS app development companies in carrying forward the development of wonderful apps.


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